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15th-Apr-2012 12:28 pm - ACTIVITY SUNDAY


let's see if this catches on

"Have you guys played Fez yet? It’s incredible. One guy- our pal Phil- had the ambition and balls to sit down and said ‘sure, I’m going to make a game that’s as good as the classic Zeldas or Marios, what’s stopping me’ - and then just went and did it. I couldn’t be more impressed!

Phil sure seems to rankle people on the internet, though, as you can see above. Complete the picture and add it to the comments of this post!"

You can also respond at my tumblr or twitter http://harveyjames.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/harveyjamestm

23rd-Jan-2012 03:39 pm - James-teacher trailer
Holy~~! Look at this trailer that Blank Slate made for my book!

I have some announcements to make soon regarding Zygote, folks, but I promise not to leave you in the dark for too long. Meantime I've been uploading a lot of images new and old to my Tumblr, so you should keep an eye on that- http://harveyjames.tumblr.com

I talked a little about this, Zygote and Walk Don't Run on the Blank Slate podcast, I hope you will listen to that when it comes out :-3
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