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22nd-Nov-2010 08:43 pm

All right, we have reached our deadline! Choose A Cat, Draw A Girl 2010 is over!
By Gugggar, Thailand


-What happens now? 

I am gonna make a group artwork from all the entries compiled together somehow! Gonna be sweet!

-But HARVEYJAMEStm.com, I haven't finished my girl drawing yet ; _ ; 

Well listen, I've got shit to do, so I'm not gonna get a chance to put this thing together until this Sunday. I'm not gonna go nuts if you submit it a few days late. Any later than sunday morning my time, though, it won't get in the group artwork, so don't dawdle!

 -I'm finished. But now I have to wait a week to see the final artwork, my life has no meaning or purpose. What do I do? 

Hey! You can buy a print of this year's cats and other sweet prints from my Etsy store!  http://www.etsy.com/people/harveyjamesharvey 

See you in a week, folks!
22nd-Nov-2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
Ha, yeah I just saw the 'music' thing and got all excited...
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