harveyjames (harveyjames) wrote,

Back from the dead.

So the graphic novel I worked on, Walk Don't Run, is out of my hands, slated for a January release date, and I'm now finally working on the kind of comics I've been putting off doing since about 2007. I'm extremely trepidatious about what people might think, but it's best to get it out there. Nervous! I'll concede that this preview doesn't actually give much away, but I'll be releasing drips and drabs as I go.

I dialed down my web presence to a minimum for the past year or so while I finished off Walk Don't Run and James-Teacher (both out soon) and got into the swing of my next big job. At this point, I feel like I've got enough of a solid foundation beneath me to start putting things out on the net again. I really miss the fun and camaraderie of being a guy who puts cool drawings on the internet! I'm going to do that a lot more from now on. I'll do maybe 3-4 cool things on here a month, and generally be around!

I'm also going to be at the Thought Bubble con in Leeds this November. Aaaand I gave my website a temporary overhaul, so it's got links to all the comics I did while I was building myself up to starting Zygote. You know, between the ages of 16 and 25, I made maybe 30 pages of comics. Mostly, I was training as an animator, and then working in animation. In the past couple of years, I've made around 400. So- I've been training myself, and trying to build some confidence. I still don't feel like I know what I'm doing! But, gee, here goes nothing. I've finished a whole graphic novel and I have two books coming out in the next three months- plus I am getting actual dough to do this one right now- so I guess I can CALL myself a comic book artist, at least.

Like I said, I've missed you guys! I ammmmm also going to be crossposting this stuff across all the social networks I belong to. So! No-one gets left behind. I'm looking forward to reaching out to people again.
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