harveyjames (harveyjames) wrote,

James-Teacher and Nelson are available now!

My book 'A Long Day Of Mr. James-Teacher', and an anthology book I worked on for Blank Slate are now available from the Blank Slate store. You can also get these things on Amazon too, I believe!

I made these wee posters to promote 'em. Click through to order the books. There's also a preview of the James-Teacher book down at the bottom, after the jump.

Alright! So- after the jump, you can read a 7-page preview of the James-teacher comic. Hit it!

That's the end of the preview. This is only a small taster of what's in the book.

Welp, this is my first proper book- I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, so please pick up a copy when you can! Click here to order.
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