November 16th, 2011


Before & After I Saw Them: #2, Jesse Thorn & Jordan Morris

As a comic book artist, I listen to a lot of podcasts while I draw. I can't help but build a mental picture of the radio personalities I listen to , so I'm going to illustrate and examine this process- what did they look like in my head, and how did my perception of them change once I knew what they looked like?

The Sound Of Young America is maybe the first podcast I ever got into. TSOYA and its sister show Jordan Jesse Go! were the first time I heard the format that I've since heard repeated many times- in-depth interviews with creative people who might not get the attention they deserve, and informal chats with comedians and other funny people. There's a thousand shows doing the same thing, but man! It's a good gateway podcast. It introduced me to a lot of stuff I went on to check out and love to this day.

As before, I've written a bunch about the thought process behind today's image after the jump.

[UPDATE 17/11/11] I feel like it would be remiss not to add a disclaimer, here: a couple of people (not least the subjects of the caricature themselves) have expressed their distaste at these drawings. It's been pointed out to me that my caricatures are unfair and severly unflattering- having checked their photos again, I realise that there's a ring of truth to that. These drawings may be just too negatively slanted to be taken in the spirit with which they were intended. Jordan and Jesse are two normal-looking guys! It's entirely possible that my radar was totally off. The write-up below reflects my initial impressions of the two hosts- it seems, though, that my impressions of the 'real' Jordan and Jesse suffer from just as much funhouse mirror distortion as my imagined versions.

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Tomorrow, the final installment for the time being- my drawings of Scott Aukerman from Comedy Bang Bang!