November 21st, 2011


This book doesn't sell itself

That was one of the take-away messages from my time spent helping out on the Blank Slate stall at Thought Bubble on Sunday. Annie Koyama's wonderful books, which we help to distribute, were irresistible to visitors to our table- their colorful and playful colours begged to be picked up and thumbed through. My own book, however, needed a bit more of a push.

As I told the people I sold to that day- I can see why that is! Its gloomy colours, its seemingly morose subject matter- it seems grim. It seems like no fun. The cover perfectly compliments the book's contents, and yet at the same time drives consumers away. It's a tough hard sell to the average reader.

See, the thing about that is- everyone who gives it a read seems to love it. Those who have have told me that it's funny, moving, memorable. They're noticing it has layers of meaning that they didn't unpack the first time around. It seems to be hitting all the right notes. Check out what people wrote about this thing:

Woodrow Pheonix told me lines from the book have become catchphrases in his household, even. That... is something I'm proud of! You can buy the book right ---> here. <----

I wish I could do what I did at the Thought Bubble con and just put an advert for my stuff above a rollerskating girl's butt, but that isn't possible on the internet. So, if you like the book and you want to join my legion of honorary rollerskating butts, you can:

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