harveyjames (harveyjames) wrote,

Unseen Jill Off - Part 2

Continuing my post-study of the art I did for Dessgeega's acclaimed new indie video game, MIGHTY JILL OFF!  

 Dessgeega had told me that she preferred my drawings of Jill that had more realistic proportions, so above, left and below you can see my attempts at hammering out a more final version of that design. The Jill I settled on is between about 3 and 3 1/2 heads high. I think the one to the left is probably the definitive Jill. You'll notice I'd started drawing her with the more benign, wide eyed facial expressions she has in the final images, as I'd decided Jill should be an innocent, and look eager-to-please.

By this point I'd realised that if I made Jill's suit any other colour than black it wouldn't look like a rubber fetish outfit. Above, you can see the moment I realised that even breaking the suit up with light grey would just make her look like Batman! What! Again, on the left you can see the design I settled on.

This was all well and good, but I realised that at some point the following conundrum would rear its ugly head:

1.) Rubber fetish gear is very shiny.

2.) Gross lolicon manga porn is very shiny. 

It was clear that it was going to be hard to make it look like one without making it look like the other! A delicate balance would have to be struck! 

I tried pretty hard, but to be honest I think there are certain scenes where that equilibrium isn't achieved. Mostly, though, I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with. 

Below, the ONLY preliminary drawing I did of the Queen, excepting the ones in my rather loose storyboard frames. I think I pretty much nailed her straight off, but I gave myself room to improvise and improve upon the design in the final drawings.  I added spikes and stuff to her crown in the final drawing, and changed her face somewhat. The final drawing you see in the game is based on an amalgamation of every lesbian friend I've ever had who I've also secretly been attracted to. At least one person has told me they are in love with her! Result!

That's it for another installment! Next, my storyboards and discarded final drawings! There's no stopping this train, sucker! CHOO CHOO  
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